For Sale: Custom Built, Java-based Robot

This turn-key system was professionally built using standard components and techniques. Robot is in like-new condition. Controller is loaded with test program to exercise all robot functions. Robot base was only used about a year, the controller and Bluetooth components only about 6 months, all part-time hobby use in one location. Wiring connectors are used throughout system to ease modification and repair.

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This robot is worth over $600 and will save you time buy having building a basic functional platform from scratch.
Price is $350 FIRM plus $15 insured shipping.
Contact: jn at columbus dot rr dot com

Differential drive based on commercial platform
Budget Robotics Octobot (2004 model) This is the two platform version. The servos were modified for continuous rotation and the servo drive electronics were removed so that they could be driven by the on-board motor drive circuitry.

Java-based controller
Ridgesoft's Intellibrain 2 Java controller (With CD-ROM) A great controller with an easy-to-use development system. Compiled Java classes can be uploaded to RAM or Flash Memory.

Bluetooth Communication Link
AIRCable Bluetooth USB dongle
AIRCable Bluetooth Serial Wireless Modem (2006 model)

Distance Sensors
Four Sharp GP2-D12 infrared distance sensors (4-30 in. range), arranged in a front-facing semicircle.
Light Sensors
Two front-mounted CDS cells for left/right light direction homing.
Impact Sensor
Two micro switches and spring-loaded bumper for left/front/right impact detection.
Wheel Encoders
Each sensor (left & right) consists of a Robotics Connection 2.25", 44 Spoke Wheel Encoder Disk and a Hamamatsu P5587 Wheel Encoder Module.
Versatile Power System
Rechargeable 1800Mah NIMH batteries - Standard AA cells so they are replaceable.
Charger jack allows recharging of batteries without removing them.
NiMH/NiCAD Charger included.|
Power–Off–Charge switch turns robot on or connects batteries to charger plug.
Drive motor enable–disable switch allows testing of robot drive software by disabling motors and observing drive LEDs on controller board.


General Views with and without Bluetooth modem installed on serial port. Top

Views of lower deck and back power panel. Top

View of robot underside including wheel encoders and impact bumper. Top

View of front sensor arrays. Top