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Apogee Development
specializes in the development of desktop and rich client applications including serious and casual gaming, simulation, process control, general business and consumer.
with Apogee Development can help you decide if a particular set of technologies are right for a project, discover hidden technical issues with a concept, or provide an experienced partner to brainstorm your concept with.
provides a relatively inexpensive way of transforming ideas and diagrams into an actual application that others can try out and critique. A solid prototype always improves the final product!
takes a well-defined design and creates a fully-featured and full-tested product. We always utilize a written specification that outlines the project operation in detail and a written test plan to verify all aspects of the application's operation. The specification is made operational with programming whose quality is verified against the test plan.
Apogee Development
utilizes a variety of technologies, including Java, Flash and REAL Studio. We can provide artwork or work with your art department to make your vision come alive. Apogee Development has over 35 years of combined experience to apply to your application!